Gourmet Flare
Gourmet Flare

Consumers are looking to satisfy the growing demand for the convenience of ready-to-serve meals that are delicious, wholesome and affordable. Regal Kitchen Foods is a global food producer, now launching Gourmet Flare into different parts of the globe with a range of 30 + SKUs with flavors and textures that will help bring more to meals, both for savory main courses and convenient side dishes. Our products are available in a convenient packaging formats, ideal for cloud kitchens/ghost kitchen or corporate kitchens for office, school, restaurants and catering.

Gourmet Flare brings to you the plethora of cuisines with magical aroma and well-minced ingredients that can give you the taste of paradise. Gourmet Flare’s wide variety of Rice & Healthy Grain, Pre-Cooked pulses, Pre-Cooked Pasta, Heat & Eat Curries and Curry Sauces are a delightful treat for residents of Western Countries and Asia Pacific Regions.

Rice & Healthy Grains

Pre-Cooked Pulses

Pre-Cooked Pasta

Heat & Eat Curries

Curry Sauces

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