“We deliver exactly what you need – quick and easy good food, every day.”

The vision of Regal Kitchen Foods revolves around this motto. We help each one of our customers to achieve their cooking goals with exceptional convenience. With Regal Kitchen Foods, you can transform and upgrade your cooking experience like never before!

Started since 2008 under the leadership of our Founder & CEO, Manish Madan, we trace our humble roots all the way back to the streets of Delhi. Witnessing the time and effort spent in cooking preparation, Mr Madan built a single-minded strategy to make cooking an enjoyable and time-saving experience for people from all walks of life. Today, we cater to a widespread Indian emigrants and international audience through our prepared meals and easy-to-use products, providing time efficiency and convenience while cooking.

Company Front

We have developed niche product-oriented brands like Reganic, Pasta Zing, Eat Regal, Plantlicious, and Meal Delight. Through these, we cover all segments ranging from instant pasta for your family, daily kitchen needs to bulk orders in the industry. Whether its retail, B2B, or B2C, we are always there to make you the superstar of the kitchen as easily as possible. Our expertise in developing new and innovative products, their customization, and their high-end manufacturing process helps ensure 100% food safety and quality.

At Regal Kitchen Foods, we use only healthy, preservative-free, and natural ingredients, because your health and happiness are our top priority. We are accredited by 18 Global Accreditations for authenticity, quality, and reliability. We hold years of expertise in supply chain and we aim to bring more and more convenience to our customers over the world over the next decade.

Every customer of Regal Kitchen Foods is empowered to maximize their in-kitchen efficiency and reduce the struggles of pre-preparation. We have spent over a decade, tirelessly working for the benefit of our customers, to recreate a consistent, authentic taste combined with a long shelf life to ensure maximum efficiency.

Today, people from over 25 countries invest their faith in Regal Kitchen Foods for its transparency and efforts to make their kitchen problems much smaller. We take pride in being the staff that you can rely on to bring your cooking to the best version of itself. We are dedicated to serving you through our 24×7 available customer service with high ethical standards. Because we want to watch you evolve your in-kitchen experience and level up in your time management.

It’s time to redefine ease, cost-cutting, and convenience for your kitchen. Join us today and enable us to establish a hunger-free, food-secure world!

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